Thursday, December 15, 2011

CrossFit Cleveland Rocks - Hoodies and Shirts

New hoodies and long sleeve t-shirts have arrived with a new look - CrossFit Cleveland Rocks. You can pick up yours at the gym.  $30 for grey hoodies and $20 for white long sleeve shirts.

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

CrossFit Cleveland

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Thursday, December 23, 2010

"Give a Christmas"

Staci and I want to thank everyone who helped with her idea to 'Give a Christmas" to a local Lakewood mother and her five kids. The response was overwhelming, almost to the point of requiring two vehicles to delver all the gifts. Your generosity is very much appreciated.

Friday, August 27, 2010

Sean, Jess and Owen's visit

Sean and Jess stopped in for a visit a couple Saturdays ago and brought little Owen along sporting some Cf Cleveland shwag.  For those of you who do not remember Sean and Jess, they've been part of our community since the beginning days in the Lakewood Metroparks. They both have memorable cameos in our What is CrossFit video. In it you see an incredible before & after shot of Sean, it's the best I've seen.

Sean and Jess relocated to Marietta, OH back in 2009ish, but they stop in for a visit/workout whenever they are back in town visiting family.

New batch of Men's T-shirts

Cassie Weber did up a new batch of Men's t-shirts for us this week. We have plenty of ladies shirts available in all sizes, both long and short sleeve. Short sleeves are $15 each and two for $25. Long sleeves are $20 each or two for $30. Stop in and check them out.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Coach Greg Glassman at CrossFit Legacy last weekend

Brian and Randa Yoak, owners of Crossfit Legacy, welcomed a big crowd to their brand new facility last Saturday, including CrossFit CEO and Founder Greg Glassman and CrossFit Affiliate Program Chief Lisa Lugo. About 80 people attended the gathering to listen to Coach Glassman give us his uncensored ideas, opinions, thoughts and advice on bettering our affiliates. Thanks to Brian and Randa for getting Lisa and Coach here in Northeast Ohio. You can learn more about CrossFit Legacy on their website here

Pictured above from left to right, Brian Yoak of CrossFit Legacy, Bill Russell, Greg Glassman CEO and co-founder of Crossfit, and Staci Russell owner of CrossFit Cleveland.

Friday, November 20, 2009

Member Spotlight - Troy Bratz

Troy Bratz, also known as "T-Roy", has been with us since the early days of 2007 in the Metroparks.  Since then he has become one of the top performers at CF Cleveland. I've included excerpts from the book he sent me the other day! Somehow he forgot to mention he holds the gym records for the number of times attending a Dave Mathews concert, he's over 100.

Troy’s path to CrossFit began in the summer of 2004, when with almost no structured exercise in his life; he decided to take his health into his own hands. Aside from being an avid high school golfer and very casual sand volleyball player, the Troy Bratz from 5 years ago weighed in at 235 lbs, and 27% body fat, barely squeezing into a size 36-pant and wearing XL shirts. Running and a major dietary change- no red meat and no soda pop- were an obvious starting point, and for the next year and a half Troy focused exclusively on running.

After dropping an impressive 55 lbs, Troy decided to take his new love for physical fitness in a more diversified direction. He tried out his first WOD at Bally’s (or at least as close as one can get to a real WOD in a globo gym). Only five months later, in May 2007, Troy stumbled across CrossFit Cleveland, immediately joining in for the Metroparks workouts. By the end of the summer the competition, guidance, and camaraderie of this tight knit group from the days “under the bridge” paid off and Troy ran a 5K in 20:04, still the best time of his life! As of the gym’s first Anniversary, Troy’s body fat dropped to approximately 13%. He is now 190lbs (all muscle gain). With the support of Bill, Staci, Paul, and Nancy his confidence in his physical ability was clearly skyrocketing.

In January 2008, Troy had his first taste of competition, CrossFit-style, outside of the comforts of CF Cleveland, at the opening of Rogue Toledo. And his competitive drive has been growing ever since! At the NEO CrossFit Challenge this past June, Troy placed 4th overall out of 30 male competitors from across Ohio. He is currently training to compete for a chance to go to the 2010 CrossFit Games. Traveling to other gyms and participating in competitions has made Troy realize just how HUGE this community is becoming- and, to add to his excitement, they are all Crossfit freaks, just like him!

Over the course of two years, Troy went from not even knowing what a snatch or a clean-and-jerk was, to now claiming the later as one of his favorite exercises. His passion for CrossFit is so strong that one year Troy decided to celebrate his birthday by creating a 30th Birthday WOD, to which he then subjected a number of brave souls. But don’t let Troy’s enthusiasm for CrossFit fool you into thinking his success all comes easily. After cracking his chin with a bar, breaking the ceiling with a wall ball, plus a slew of other injuries, Bill and Staci named those faults, “Troys” (i.e. I “troyed” with that push press). Troy has been particularly injury prone in 2009, including a stress fracture on his leg and a broken toe. Of course, that didn’t stop him from coming in to do the WOD…it just slowed him down a bit (to everyone else’s liking). His most feared exercises are still Thrusters and Double-Unders. Troy is also still searching for his first elusive muscle-up. They are all about skill! Today Troy’s ideal WOD would consist of three rounds of seven Clean & Jerks @135lbs, 20 Deadlifts @135lbs, and a 750m run (ahem….Bill…something to consider adding to the rotation).

Running remains high on Troy’s list of priorities, and thanks to CrossFit’s diverse training regimen, has been able to improve upon as well as challenge his running skills within the context of CrossFit. He completed CrossFit Endurance’s Run Certification and as a result, has become a much more efficient runner. Without CrossFit, Troy doesn’t believe he would have had the endurance to ever complete a marathon…let alone two marathons within six months (Country Music Marathon in April and the Niagara Falls International Marathon in October). Other 2009 destination races included Napa-to-Sonoma Half Marathon, Virginia Beach Rock ‘n Roll Half Marathon, Philadelphia Distance Classic Half Marathon and the Men’s Health Urbanathlon (in Chicago).

Troy can be found at CF Cleveland Monday through Thursday evenings and early Saturdays…unless he is running a race somewhere. Troy doesn’t take a day of rest. Even on days away from CF Cleveland, he is doing something. Sunday mornings you can find him running the Buckeye Trail with his Fleet Feet running group. On other “rest days” (during the spring/summer/fall), you can find him at a sand volleyball court, usually with other CFers.

Troy’s next big test of his CrossFit skill will be this upcoming spring at the CF Games Qualifiers (location and dates TBA). He is currently building the CrossFit Cleveland Affiliate Team (talk to him if you want to join in on the training).

Troy is still working to convince his girlfriend, Margaret to join CrossFit full time. He is well on his way (or so he thinks…) since she started running this past year and will be competing in her second half marathon this weekend at Strongsville’s Fall Classic.

Troy is the Program Administrator at the Parma Public Housing Agency. He is currently a Graduate Student at Cleveland State University – Urban Planning and Economic Development. From 2000-2005 he lived in various states as a political consultant/field director/campaign manager for a wide assortment of candidates and issues. He holds a Bachelors of Arts in International Relations and Spanish with a minor in Political Science.

Here are some before and after performance stats


Push-ups 7reps then, 25reps now

Pull-ups 2-3reps then, 25+ (kipping) now

Press 45-75lbs then, 155lbs now

Deadlift 185lbs then, 435lbs now

KB Swings 36lbs then, 80lbs now

HELEN 11:56 scaled then, 8:52 RX’d now

CINDY 13rds then, 19rds now

FGB 235reps then, 342reps now

FRAN 13:13 scaled then, 6:42 RX’d now

5K Run 22:00 avg then, 21:00avg  now

500m Row 2:03:0 then, 1:39.3 now

Vertical Jump 24inches+ then, 42inches + now